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Enjoying the Golf 7 GTI as we wait on the Golf 8!

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Enjoying the Golf 7 GTI as we wait on the Golf 8!

cartorquesa October 19, 2019

by Siyamthanda Nqwelo

As we were all loving and enjoying the Golf 7 and waiting to see what the Golf 8 had in store for us, it’s like VW said “but wait there’s more” and to our surprise they brought us the Golf GTI.

In my own opinion the GTI is still the best hot hatch ever made. The ever iconic statement maker that brought speed and comfort together while making everyone in the family happy as it is big enough for a small family. The GTI made speed accessible, affordable and attainable. Volkswagen has always been the very reliable brand and once again they have lived up to that.

Getting behind that 2L turbo charged engine with 169 kW and 350Nm of power was enough to remind me of why I fell in love with cars. With the turbo lag that is so minimal that I didn’t even notice it. I could feel that the car itself could be a bit more faster than what it is but if it were a little bit faster there would be lag as they would have to tweak the suspension and steering taking away from what the car really is about. The engine is so smooth that even with the top speed of 248kph and 0-100km in 6.4 secs, you could get lost in the drive. It took a few minutes of driving for it to get under my skin because it is so easy and fun that I could drive it every day. The 6-speed dual clutch gearbox is very smooth that when you’re on manual you still sort of know which gear you’re in without checking, which also goes for the electric steering wrack that has such an amazing feel that you don’t really have to check which directions the tyres are looking. 

Even on sports mode the suspension isn’t particularly hard and I could feel everything that was happening on the road without feeling like my kidneys are being shaken to pieces. The vrrr phaaa exhaust sound that makes you fall even more in love with the car is something that should be up there in the list of symphonies. With all this power one should expect to pay a bit more for fuel as the consumption is 6.4L/100km which for me that shouldn’t be something that you take away from it because when driven right it doesn’t guzzle a lot of fuel in my opinion.

It is so rare to find a vehicle that you as the driver can admire from the inside just as much as the person standing next to it. With the sporty bucket seats that swallow you in and make you feel like a race car driver to the red stitching on the multifunction steering wheel, it is sure to awaken the child in you and make you forget your problems.  The 8.0 infotainment screen is easy to use and has features such Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The competition being the Astra OPC, Focus ST, Megan RS, I for one would without hesitation go for the GTI. If you’re looking for a car that has never tried to be anything than what it is, has stayed relevant, will excite you as the driver just as much as the person in the backseat then the Golf GTI will surely tick all those boxes .

The Golf GTI pricing is as follows:

Golf GTI – R568 600

Prices include five year / 90 000km service plan and 3 year / 120 000km vehicle warranty 


  1. Illest November 8, 2019

    Still a beauty as much as i am a BMW fan this bby always charms me.


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