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We drive the Citroen C3 Air Bump!

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We drive the Citroen C3 Air Bump!

cartorquesa December 3, 2019

Welcome back Citroen, so glad you are back in South Africa again. After your departure I thought I missed my chance of driving the Citroen DS3, however that’s a story for another day.  

This week we in the Citroen C3. This latest-generation C3, which wasn’t previously sold in SA, has “AirBump” protective cladding on the doors as a typically quirky Citroën design feature. The unique shape of C3 sets itself apart with a charismatic front face and generous curves which give it a powerful and energetic stance. Its smooth lines, its graphic signature and its colours make it a trendy and “pop” model. 

Engine specs? this is the 1.2 PureTech 60kW 5 – speed manual, with a change down here and there you do get a power build up that will send you past which ever vehicle you are over taking. 

Platinum grey with a whole lot of red was the colour we had the test car in. The red is also seen in the interior as the seats have red lining and the dash board plus ventilation lining.

Now that you know a little about the car and brand we had the opportunity to take the car to Hartbeespoort for a mini trip. First and fore most we averaged about 6,8L/100km from the claimed 5.7l/100km. Whilst site seeing the car did lack some power on steep hill drives. 

Through our site seeing we found ourselves on muddy roads trying to take a short cut which would have had our accommodation destination in site. 

We pushed through as the Citroen took on the mud like a champ, it was a serious gamble with the front wheel drive Citroen. In the midst of photographing the vehicle I noticed clods gathered by the mud flaps, I had to scoop them off by hand to make our ride smooth as we turned around. We eventually found our way &  safely made it to our destination.Is this a car to look out for in 2020? YUP. The VW brand has set the standard high yet slowly, surely& creatively everyone is catching up.


From R239 900 incl. VAT

Engine: 1.2 60kW PureTech

5 Speed Manual Transmission16 inch Alloy Wheels

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