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VW launches the all-new T-ROC- A Golf on Stilettos

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VW launches the all-new T-ROC- A Golf on Stilettos

cartorquesa November 28, 2020

We have said this before in one of the many conversations We’ve had with people about cars, compact/crossover SUVs are here and they are here to stay because, people love them. I mean what’s not to love about them? They are more practical than the hatches they are mostly based on, are not as big as a “normal” SUV and you can buy one at more or less the price you would buy the hatchback.  Car manufactures have also noticed that people love these and have been launching new compact SUVs, and one such manufacture is Volkswagen – with the new Golf based T-Roc, it promises crisp styling, spacious interior and innovative technologies.

The exterior design of the T-Roc is very funky, but also typical VW. The front uses VWs new design language with a hexagonal grille, that is underlined by a chrome strip which extends all the way to the lights and emphasises the cars width. Underneath the headlights, you get hexagonal daytime running lights but as standard, the daytime and front fog lights are one thing but still with a hexagonal design. Looking at the car from the side, there are 2 creases that are dominant. One of these starts by the front fender, just above the headlights, and extends along the shoulder of the car, towards the rear of the car – this along with the crease just underneath it, which starts just underneath the shoulder crease, give the car a sporty look from the side and make it look longer that it actually is. There is one more crease when viewed from the side, and this located between the wheelbase of the car, and to some degree, the car has a beach buggy vibe to it when viewed from the side.

Moving to rear, you get LED tailights, that have cool light-bar like crease in between them.  The T-Roc’s rear looks great, it’s not as funky as the front and somehow it works. To make the T-Roc funkier, customers can opt for a 2-tone paint job.

The interior of the T-Roc is typical VW, which is to stay it is very minimalistic in design and bordering on being boring if your expectations are based on the exterior. VW does however, offer different colours for the doors, dash and seats to liven the interior. Those seats are cloth as standard, but you can have them be covered in leather as an option. As an option, you can opt for VW’s beautiful 10.3 inch digital instrument panel which provides drivers with the information they need due to it configurability. That screen is paired with a 8-inch infotainment screen with support for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and VW’s own App Connect application. The interior offers more overall space for its occupants and their luggage, with a 445 litre boot space.

The T-Roc is offered with a choice of two engines, A 1.4 TSI 8-speed Tiptronic engine with a power output of 110kW at 5 000 – 6 000rpm and torque of 250Nm. The entry-level engine reaches 0 – 100km/h in 8.4 seconds, has a fuel consumption of 6.9l/100km and a top speed of 205km .A  2.0 TSI engine with 7-speed DSG® and 4MOTION® is the second engine in the range and has a power output of 140kW and torque of 320Nm. It takes just 7.2 seconds to go from 0 – 100km, with the top speed being 216km. The fuel consumption on this engine is 8.3l/100km

The all-new T-Roc is Priced as follows:

1.4 TSI 110kW 2WD Design 8-speed Tiptronic® R489 400

2.0 TSI 140kW Design 4MOTION® 7-speed DSG® R548 300

2.0 TSI 140kW R-Line 4MOTION® 7-speed DSG® R-line R593 600

Competitors include the likes of the Mazda CX-3, Toyota C-HR, Renault Capture and Hyundai Creta – so, it is going to be a tough one for VW to sell.


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