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Porsche Taycan – Launched

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Porsche Taycan – Launched

cartorquesa July 16, 2020

Porsche, The legendary German automaker has been famed for making brilliant driver’s cars. The 911. Boxster. Cayman. Even their larger family vehicles are brilliant cars to drive. The Panamera, an executive sedan, handles like a 911. While many of us love cars that are powered by fossil fuels, these are not good for the environment. Automakers are all starting to make a change to powering their cars with electricity. A power source which is far cleaner than petrol or diesel (even when it comes from coal). Porsche too has decided to go electric. Instead of building an electric version of an existing model.


While modern, fresh and all-new electric the Tacycan is still very typical Porsche. The front end is quite low-slung, with the headlights housed in a beautiful concave section of bodywork. The headlights, of course, feature the typical 4-dot daytime running light design.

Down the side, the silhouette of the Taycan is very Porsche-esque. A sloping roofline, with a very rounded design. The wheels can be optioned in different styles and sizes. Behind them, as an option, are large Carbon Ceramic brakes. Upfront they have 10 piston brake callipers and 420mm brake discs. More than enough stopping power for this 2,3-ton beast. On the left fender, is a standard Alternating Current charging port and on the right fender is a Direct Current charging port. This port will allow for incredibly fast charging times once the charging infrastructure evolves. 

The rear is really similar to the 911. It has a lightbar, as is common on all modern Porsches. An interesting touch though is when viewed up close, the light bar has an intricate design pattern that mimics what you would find on an electric diagram. Its finished off by a large rear diffuser, and of course, no exhaust tips. The rear, of course, houses one of the Taycan’s two luggage storage areas. The front supplements the rear’s rather small boot.


The interior is accessed using the same style of door handle you’d find on the new 992 911. Open the door, and you’re greeted by a techno-fest of an interior. While Porsche has very modern interiors in their line-up, the Taycan takes it to another level. Sit in the comfortable driver’s bucket seat (all 4 seats are similar in design and comfort), and you’re greeted by a multitude of screens

The main infotainment screen is an updated unit of the one found in other Porsches. It is a touch screen, and very easy to use, and can be used to display Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also displays a multitude of information such as battery condition, which wheel is receiving the most power, and an abundance o other interior and vehicle controls. A second screen below that controls the cars climate control system, including the heated and ventilated seats (an optionally extra). A third infotainment screen can be optioned for the passenger and will sit on the passenger side. It will allow your passenger to control most of the car’s functions, and leave the main infotainment screen displaying the important information while you drive your Taycan.


The Taycan starts, weirdly for a Porsche, at the touch of a button. The gear selector is behind the steering wheel, another oddity. The Taycan can be had in a variety of flavours. From launch, South Africa will be receiving the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. Yes, turbo on an electric car. All models have two electric motors. The 4S has a smaller battery, and less power, and of course, less range. The stand-out model is the Turbo S. It has 560kW (more power than a GT2RS) and 1050Nm of torque. It can travel up to 410kms on a single charge. It has a top speed of 260km/h. despite weighing 2,3tons, it goes from standstill to 100km/h in 2,8 seconds.

Pricing starts… its many millions. The 4S starts at R2,59 million. The Turbo? That’s R3,43 million. The Turbo S? That will set you back a cool R4,1 million. That’s all before options. Of which, there are MANY.


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