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The all-electric Jaguar Launched

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The all-electric Jaguar Launched

cartorquesa March 17, 2019
Image by Jaguar South Africa Via Instagram

Our modes of transportation are undergoing change, some of that change is good and some of it bad – for a petrol head, however, the apparent slow death of the internal combustion engine is a painful process. However, brands like Tesla. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are looking to make the alternative, electric cars, as fun to drive and “normal” as internal combustions engine. The newest manufacturer to jump on the wagon is Jaguar, with their new I-Pace.

The interior

The I-Pace is an all-electric SUV that is set out to battle the likes of the Tesla Model X (which we do not get in South Africa), Mercedes EQC, the Audi E-Tron SUV and the upcoming BMW iX3. From the outside, the jaguar looks like any other Jaguar. At the front, you’ll find the aerodynamic Jaguar grille, which tilts inward at the top in order to aid in aerodynamic cooling and increase the car’s dynamic prowess. The I-Pace looks sporty, and this is in part to the slim headlights and the air intakes just underneath them – the headlights can be ordered with Jaguar’s Matrix LED headlight technology. The side of the car looks very clean, that is mostly due to the flush door handles that extend out when the car is unlocked and pull back in when the car is locked again (kind of cool). The side also includes a side seal with the JAGUAR lettering on it and has large 20’rims that add to the overall sporty attitude of the SUV. There’s a nice character line that runs from the end of the front doors to the rear of the car. The rear is very squared off, this was done to aid aerodynamics, but also adds to boot space. Just like the side of the car, the rear is also clean, with air outlets on both side and being an electric car means there are no exhaust outlets.

The infotainment system

Inside, Jaguar has stuck very close to the concept interior, which is made up of a touch screen for the control display and a digital instrument cluster. Due to no engine in the front, Jaguar was able to give the I-Pace more interior space and this is also enhanced by the panoramic sunroof. The instrument panel is very sleek and minimalistic, and occupants can control most features through the touch control display – the interior looks like good quality with a lot of leather and metallic touches. It also reflects the sporty exterior of the car through the sporty performance seat – refinement is also increased through the use of the acoustic laminated glass – which will most probably make the interior a nice place to sit, but will add to the overall comfort of the car.

The Engine

The laminated glass is needed, due to the fact that the Jaguar I-Pace does not have a combustion engine, which means it does not have an engine sound. It is powered by a 90kWh battery which Jaguar claims can travel up to 470km on a single charge. The battery engine makes 294kW & 696N.m, this all means the I-pace can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.8 seconds and continue to accelerate to a top speed of 200km/h. Jaguar will sell you a charging wall box that is able to fully charge the I-pace overnight, although through a 50kW DC charger, the I-pace can be charged in less than 2 hours and as mentioned, Jaguar says the I-pace will do up to 470km on a single charge. The battery also comes with an 8-year warranty.

Equipped with a suite of driving assistance systems, the I-Pace is sure to offer a relaxing drive. Most electric cars don’t have any engine sound, and that could pose danger for pedestrians – Jaguar has added a sound that plays out when the car is driving at speeds under 20km/h, this will ensure that pedestrians can hear the car approaching and thus avoid getting hit. Adaptive cruise control with steering and lane keeping assist not only ensures a relaxing journey, but also a safe one – with the car automatically adjusting the speed and distance of the car in correspondence to the car in front of it. The system will also help keep the car in its lane and warn the driver of car’s located in the blind spot areas. The optional park assist system also helps drivers park the car in a parallel parking and perpendicular parking, and this system can also guide the driver out of the space. All these technologies help the driver stay safe and have a relaxing journey.

Image by Devon Scott Via Instagram

With the ever-changing world of cars, it comes as no surprise that Jaguar has joined the electric car revolution, the question then becomes – is Jaguar take on it enough to persuade die-hard internal combustion fans? We will have to wait and see.


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