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The all-new BMW 3 series is here

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The all-new BMW 3 series is here

cartorquesa March 7, 2019

For over 40 years the BMW 3 series has been the benchmark that all small executive/sports sedans are judged against, it is no surprise that BMW has sold over 15 millions units worldwide since the 3 series was first launched in 1975. The 7th generation 3 series aims to live up to its reputation with its new exquisite design, posh interior, powerful engine as well as its safety and drive assist systems.

When it comes to the design and styling, BMW did an excellent job with the new 3 series. The sportier-looking front bumper with larger air vents and BMW’s iconic double kidney grill as well as the new redesigned LED headlights give the frontend a more premium look. The double kidney grill functions as active ventilation which opens when the engine needs cooling and closes when it doesn’t. This not only helps with better aerodynamics but also contributes to the car’s fuel efficiency.

Image by Edward Makwana Via Instagram

The redesigned and reshaped rear-end features new two-toned LED taillights and a redesigned bumper which gives the rear-end an elegant look. BMW has been using two-toned headlights in new models like the X4, the 8 series and the upcoming Z4. These taillights are giving the rear-ends of BMWs a signature look and we at CarTorque SA are truly impressed!

This new model is 76mm longer and 60mm wider than the previous model. This increases legroom and makes the ride more comfortable for passengers in the back seat. The standard suspension comes with dampers, which along with 17-inch alloy wheels, make the ride smooth and pleasant. Consumers can, however, upgrade the alloy wheels to 18 or 19 inches.

The  new 3 series is packed with a lot of safety and driver assist features such as cruise control, lane-keep assist, auto-steering, emergency braking, car park assist (which now has a 360 degree camera) and BMW’s all new reverse assist which is a system that logs the car’s movement as you park and then enables the car to reverse itself out of the parking spot. This highly innovative feature should come in handy especially when parking in narrow spaces. It also has BMW’s iDrive infotainment system which has features such as Voice Command, Gesture Control, Satellite Navigation, Apple Carplay, Bluetooth, FM and AM radio.

The new 3 series comes in 4 trims: the base package, which offers a standard look; the sport-line, which adds to the standard look with segments of sportiness; the luxury line, which offers the more executive and posh look and the M sport package, which offers a sportier look while also giving us performance orientated upgrades.

The new 3 series comes in six models, namely the 320i, 318d, 320d, 330i, 330d and the M340i xDrive which are all paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

*Please note that only the 320d,330i are currently available in south Africa and that the m340i xDrive will be available later on the year. 

If performance is what you’re looking for in new 3 series we would recommend that you get the 330i M sports package with the optional limited slip differential. If fuel economy is what you looking for in the 3 series we recommend that you the 320d as it should offer more fuel economy and a pleasant driving experience. Overall the new 3 series is packed with a lot of high tech features, looks elegant and will definitely give competitors like the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Audi A4 and the Jaguar XE a run for their money. It currently available in South Africa and is priced from R649,253.


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