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The all new facelifted Mercedes Benz V-Class

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The all new facelifted Mercedes Benz V-Class

cartorquesa February 1, 2019

Five years ago when the Mercedes Benz V-class was first introduced Mercedes Benz set the standards for a people’s mover, a practical van and an executive jet. This dearly beloved Benchmark setter gets a facelifted version which features new cooler design, high-quality material as well as safety and assistance systems. Mercedes has given this dear beloved Van a facelift.

The Exterior

The V class has the youngest buyer groups in across Mercedes Benz and this purely understandable. The V class’s design is stylish, elegant and really beautiful and to top this off it has one of the most comfortable and luxurious interiors in its class. This updated V class has new broader and wider front and rear bumpers which gives it a sportier look and yet still manages to stay true to its original design. I really like how the diamond-pinned grille (only available on the AMG-Line) compliments the chrome trims on the front bumper giving it a really Premium look.

The Interior

When it comes to the interior the updated V class is nothing short of luxury. The interior updates include different decor elements which you can choose from carbon fibre style trim, wood finish, brushed aluminium or black panel, new turbine styled air vents, new leather upholstery.

In the back, The V class is more premium than ever! It has these luxurious seats (only available in Avantgarde trim) which can be heated or cooled and even have a massage functionality. Passages in the back can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride as there’s enough headroom & legroom.

The Engine

The V-class uses an OM 654 2,0-litre, a four-cylinder engine which has 120kW of power and 440Nm of torque in the V250d and 236bhp and 500Nm of torque in the v 300d. The engines make use of a new 9-speed transmission. The v250d model has a top speed of 204 km/h and the v 300 d has a top speed of 220km/h. The updated V class is expected to arrive in the second quarter of the year, Prices are yet to be confirmed.

The V Class is an exceptional vehicle from an exceptional brand. The perfect ride to travel in style and in comfort for it to arrive in Mzansi. It is expected to arrive are yet to be confirmed.


Pricing for the facelift are as follows:

Mercedes Benz V-Class are as follows:

Mercedes Benz V200d (100kW/3300Nm) -R913,951

Mercedes Benz V220d (120kW/380) -955,518

Mercedes Benz V250d (140kW/440Nm) -R1 027 686

Mercedes Benz V220d Avantgarde (120kW/440)-R 1 247 819

Mercedes Benz V250d Avantgarde (140kW/440Nm)- R1 292 474

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